Collected by Ginger stands for unique products from small or upcoming designers that are handmade. Collected by Ginger is representing the brands Federica Bubani and Coco Ammerlaan. Below you can find a description of each brand.


F E D E R I C A  B U B A N I

Federica Bubani is an Italian designer based in a small city in Italy called Faenza, the heart of ceramics. After her artistic education she opened her own studio in 2003. She began to experiment with ceramics, studying new techniques and devoted her time to the research of the combination of different materials. She turned into a ceramics specialist and started to create beautiful handmade objects with the use of natural materials. During the years she developed her style and turned into a celebrated designer in Italy. In 2012 she won the OpenDesign Award in Italy for her ‘Nordic Lamp’ project. She participated in various exibitions and her products are published in the leading decoration magazines in Italy.

All the products of Federica Bubani are handmade with a lot of care and eye for detail. In 2014 she launched a special collection called TOTIDE’, which combines the organic shapes found in Italian design and the minimalism of Scandinavian design. TOTIDE’ is an Italian dialect for ‘tutti i giorni’ – translated ‘every day’. The collection consists of products from our every day life. TOTIDE’ combines different materials, simplicity and functionality in one product.

For more information about Federica Bubani go to her website:


C O C O  A M M E R L A A N

Upcoming talent Coco Ammerlaan, is a young designer based in the Netherlands. In 2014 she graduated from ‘de Willem de Kooning’ Art Academy in Rotterdam, where she studied ‘Lifestyle & Design’. During her studies she mainly focussed on the use of textiles. Working with different textures and materials led her to the creation of surprising combinations. In addition to her love for textiles, she developed her skills in photography.

The products of Coco Ammerlaan were presented for the first time in 2014, during the ‘Dutch Design Week’ in Eindhoven and in 2015 at the pop-up store of Studio Snowpuppe and of Plantpower during designfestival ‘Designkwartier’ in The Hague. Her most celebrated product is the Mr. Turner pillow. A caleidoscopic pillow, which is not only beautiful because of its angular shape, but has an extra function.

Coco Ammerlaan has an incredible eye for detail and with her humouristic and creative spirit she finds a different meaning behind every object. She turns ordinary things in our daily life into extraordinary objects. Her style can be described as minimalistic with a twist.

For more information about Coco Ammerlaan go to her website: