T H E  A G E N C Y

Collected by Ginger is a design agency based in the Netherlands created by Sara van der Borg.

Collected by Ginger is a collection of beautiful products, moments and pictures that are special or tell a story. The products in the current collection are made with ecofriendly materials and are handmade by upcoming designers from Europe.


 T H E  G I N G E R

My name is Sara and I am a half Dutch & half Italian daydreamer with red hair. Friends call me Ginger. I have an obsession for interior styling, design products, good food and taking pictures of beautiful objects and things in nature.

In my daily life I work at Studio Snowpuppe & Ontwerpburo Tas-ka. I am surrounded by creative designers and their products everyday, and with my background in Communication it inspired me to start my own design agency and help upcoming designers to position their brand. I am always in search for new design products with a story, and with my agency Collected by Ginger, I try to create a collection of these beautiful items.